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EU’s patience wearing off with Brexit deal

Brussels is concerned about the current Brexit situation and is pleading Westminster to get something going quick.

European ministers made it clear that it was time to be clear about the process that is set to take the U.K. out of the E.U.

PM Theresa May has yet to secure a majority in Parliament for the deal that she negotiated with the other 27 European members, however, following two years of talks and with only 10 days to go until Britain is due to leave, it is still unclear if the country will really end its membership of the bloc next week.

Germany’s Minister for Europe, Michael Roth expressed his feelings to reporters, “We are really exhausted by these negotiations.”

“I expect a clear and precise proposal from the British government, on why such an extension is necessary. It is not just a game, it is an extremely serious situation.”

“Please deliver. Dear friends in London, please deliver. The clock is ticking.”

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